Animal Mortality Composting Certification Training

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 - 12:00am
Anderson Ethanol Conference Room, Greenville, Ohio
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Sam Custer
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Composting livestock and poultry mortality in agricultural operations is a legal option for disposal in Ohio. This required training session will certify operators to compost livestock mortality of approved species and apply the compost to fields. It is hoped this will expand operator’s options for disposal and enable them to improve the efficiency and profitability of farm enterprises.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture’s chief of the Division of Animal Industry administers the regulations that determine allowable methods of livestock disposal, such as incineration, burial, rendering or composting. The chief of the Division of Animal Industry establishes conditions under which specific disposal methods may be used.


  • Sam Custer, OSU Extension, Darke County
  • Glen Arnold, OSU Extension, Manure Nutrient Specialist
  • Dr. Fred Michel, The Ohio State University, Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering
  • Dr. Maurice El-Gazzar, OSU Extension, Poultry Science Veterinarian