The 2019 4-H Project Presentation and Evaluation Day will be held Friday, July 12, All Seasons Place (Lighthouse Christian Center) 5256 Sebring Warner Road, Greenville.  Judging will begin at 9:00am and conclude at 3:00pm.  Food & Nutrition and Clothing Projects have assigned times.  All other projects are judged throughout the day.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the schedule for the day.

What is Project Presentation and Evaluation Day?

Project Presentation and Evaluation is an opportunity for 4-H members taking non-livestock projects to compete to represent Darke County at the Ohio State Fair or to compete for a County Rosette for outstanding project work.  Members will be evaluated by qualified judges who will provide positive feedback related to each project.  The judge will look at each project and ask questions about what the member has learned.  4-H members should bring completed project books, along with their project items. 

What should a 4-H member bring to judging?

For most projects, the 4-H member should bring their completed project book and what they made and/or a display.  Depending on the project, the display might be a portfolio, clothing item, scrapbook, tri-fold display, etc.  Please see the Project Requirement Guide for specific information.  No live animals are to be brought to Project Presentation Day.  CLICK HERE to review the project requirement guide.

Food and nutrition projects - DO NOT bring food or place settings to judging.  Participants will need to bring their portfolio which shows what they did/learned.  The portfolio needs to include a page for each of the interest areas  listed in the project book.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the Portfolio Interest Areas identified for each project.  Food & Nutrition Portfolios do not have to be "fancy".  CLICK HERE for a copy of the Portfolio Guidelines.

Woodworking projects - Be sure that you are following the guidelines as to what tools are acceptable when constructing your project.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the Woodworking Guidelines.

How will a 4-H member know the results of judging?

At the conclusion of the judging day, results will be compiled and double-checked.  If a project is eligible for state fair competition, the state fair delegate and an alternate will be determined, provided there is a quaified candidate. It is the judges' discretion as to whether or not to send a 4-H member to state with their project.  Judges decisions are final.

With most projects, only one delegate can go to state fair.  In some cases, more than one delegate can be selected.  If a delegate chooses not to go to state, then the alternate will be given the opportunity.  If there is no alternate, then no one will go to state.   Any projects not going to state, but considered to be outstanding, will be awarded a County Rosette.

A link to the judging results will be posted on this page, once they are available.  Results will be posted at noon on Wednesday, July 17.

CLICK HERE for the list of State Fair Delegates and County Rosette Winners.

When will the 4-H member receive their recognition for being a state fair delegate or county rosette winner?

Awards will be presented on Thursday, July 18, 7:00pm, All Seasons Place.  State fair delegates will receive a trophy and a ribbon.  County Rosettes will be awarded to state fair alternates and county rosette winners.

State Fair Delegates will also receive a packet which includes all of the information they need when they go to the state fair.  In the event that the member cannot go to the state fair to compete, the packet must be returned to the Extension Office (regardless of whether or not there is a state fair alternate for the project).

How can a 4-H member learn more about what to expect at the state fair judging?

To review the project judging days/times for project areas, CLICK HERE.

If you would like to review the state fair judging expectations, consult the Ohio State Fair Non-Livestock Guidebook.  CLICK HERE to review the guidebook.

Is there an opportunity for a 4-H member to receive additional information or to ask questions?

Who can a 4-H member contact if they have questions or need additional information and cannot attend the program on May 21?

CLICK HERE to email your questions.  Or, call the Extension Office at 937.548.5215.

What if a 4-H member does not want to compete for state fair delegate or a county rosette?

4-H members who do not wish to compete for opportunities beyond Darke County should have their project(s) judged by their club advisor(s).  Advisors should sit down with members and discussed what they learned.  CLICK HERE for the project evaluation form which can be used by advisors.