CLICK HERE to see the list of 2020 County Rosette Winners.  Congratulations to all recipients!  The videos submitted to Flipgrid for project evaluation were nicely done and the judges enjoyed the opportunity to view your accomplishments!  (Please note: Flipgrid upgraded their platform in the middle of our judging and as a result, some of the scoring rubrics were affected.  Please do not worry about the rubric scores.  The judges communicated their scores with our office and results are based on those communications.)

To receive your rosette, please contact your organizational advisor.  They will be getting your club's packet of rosettes sometime between August 18-26.  Please do not go to the Jr. Fair Office on the fairgrounds to pick up your rosette!

THANK YOU to everyone who uploaded videos for consideration.  You should be proud of your videos and of your accomplishments!

Questions? CONTACT US.