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4-H Dog Program

Paver Fundraiser underway

The Dog Committee has been actively raising funds to help support the construction of a new dog barn on the fairgrounds.  They are currently selling engraved brick pavers to be included in the walkway to the barn.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the order form.


Permission to Participate - This form must be completd annually by any 4-H member who is taking a dog project and intends to train and show their dog.  Signed forms are due to the Extension Office by April 1.


Ohio 4-H Dog Program Website

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4-H Horse Program

The Darke County 4-H program currently has five active 4-H clubs that focus on equine projects:  Buckeye Buckaroos, Greenville Rangers, Horse & Rider, Silver Hoofs, and Trails & Tails.  For information on how to contact any of these clubs, CLICK HERE.

EquiSTEP: Ohio 4-H Horse Program’s Equine Safety, Training, and Education Program

All 4-H members enrolled in horse projects must complete the online EquiSTEP course.  The course consists of modules related to helmet safety, safety and handling of horses, horse health and nutrition, and sportsmanship.  4-H members must complete the whole course, including the quiz and survey at the end.  4-H members will have until April 15, 2021 to complete EquiSTEP for 2021.  Failure to complete the course by April 15, 2021 will result in the member not being able to participate in horse related events in 2021.  This includes ride nights, PAS, state fair, and county fair. 

In order to enroll, each member needs their own unique email address.  School emails will most likely not work due to school email security restrictions implemented by the schools. 

To enroll in EquiSTEP, CLICK HERE.

Important Forms for 4-H Horse Club members

Permission to Participate - This form must be completd annually by any 4-H member who is taking an equine project.  Signed forms are due to the Extension Office by April 1.

Horse ID Cards - Completed cards are due to the Extension Office on June 1.  4-H members should submit a card for any horse that they might potentially use during the current year.


Scoring your Horse's Body Condition

Hay Judging

Over Fences Guidelines

Ohio 4-H Horse Program Website

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4-H Poultry Program

Poultry Project Resources

Backyard Poultry Production

Poultry Clinic - Saturday, April 10, 10am, Youth Building, Fairgrounds.  CLICK HERE for details and registration information.  Registration required by April 2, 2021.


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4-H Swine Program


Swine Project Resources

Swine Nutrition

Raising A Ractopamine-Free Swine Project

Summary - Ractopamine-Free Project

Exhibiting a Ractopamine-Free Swine Project

Ohio Pork Council Ractopamine-Free Website

2021 Virtual OSU Jr. Swine Day, Saturday, February 20: CLICK HERE for additional information and registration.

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