Junior Fair Dairy Animal and Breeding Animal Lease Agreements

Leasing MARKET animals for youth exhibition projects is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

An animal cannot be leased to more than one youth per project year and may only be exhibited by the lessee in any junior exhibition, including at the Ohio State Fair.  *You may refer to this as the 1-1-1 rule which means one exhibitor, one animal, one county.

If any exhibitor or their immediate family do not own 100% of the animal, a lease agreement is required.  Immediate family is defined as parents, siblings (living in the same household), stepparents, and legal guardians.

Lease agreements are due to the Extension Office by the following dates:

April 1 - Dogs

April 15 - Dairy

June 1 - Cats, Beef, Goats, Horses, Poultry, Rabbits, and Sheep

Agreements must be completed in their entirety and pictures of the animal must be included with the lease agreement.  See each lease for details.


What should be in a lease
Cat Dairy
What should be in a lease


What should be in a lease
What should be in a lease
What should be in a lease
What should be in a lease