PLEASE NOTE:  In-person QA sessions are postponed until further notice.  As you know, the current public health situation is extremely fluid.  Once we have passed the crisis and are given permission to resume normal activities, in-person sessions will be scheduled.  And, test out options will resume.  Please give us a few weeks to determine our course of action.  In the meantime, take good care of yourselves and follow the Governor's recommendations. 

Should you decide to utilize the online QA located at, be aware that there is a $12.00 fee/child.  We have no control over that fee.  The vendor that provides the programming receives the money and sets the cost.  Currently there is no free online QA approved by the ODA. 

Quality assurance is mandatory for exhibitors of market animals, lactating dairy and lactating goats.  QA must be completed by June 1, 2020 in order for the exhibitor to be eligible to show and sell at the 2020 Darke County Fair.

Darke County offers several options in order to meet the QA attendance requirement.

FACE TO FACE SESSIONS - All face-to-face sessions are currently postponed.  Events will be rescheduled when permission is given.

The following sessions will be held on the fairgrounds.  No preregistration is required.  Please note: Program begins promptly at time stated.  Plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to sign-in.  Late arrivals will not be admitted.

  • April 13, 7pm, Youth Building - POSTPONED

  • April 18, 10am, Replacement (Swine) Barn - POSTPONED

  • April 23, 7pm, Youth Building - POSTPONED
  • May 2, 10am, Coliseum - POSTPONED
  • May 7, 7pm, Coliseum - POSTPONED

Youth may also attend a face to face QA session offered in another county, prior to June 1.  Expect to pay a fee if you travel to another county. 


All in-person test-out options are postponed at this time.


In order to use the online test option, the ODA requires that youth must be at least 12 years old as of 1/1/2020.  The fee for the online test is $12.00.  There are three units to the test and you must pass all three levels in order to complete the certification requirement.  Please note:  There is an online test for youth 8-11; however, the ODA will not accept this certification for our QA purposes. **Please note: for 2020 only, the ODA will accept online certification for youth ages 8-11.**

The website for the online test is 2020 only: youth should login using the FFA & Independent sign up button.  It is the responsibility of the youth taking the online test to provide proof of completion to the Extension Office by June 1, 2020.

For instructions (with screenshots) on how to do the online test option, CLICK HERE.  **Please use the FFA & Independent login as not everyone is active in 4-H Online at this point.**

OTHER OPTIONS - Most of these events have been CANCELLED.

Other ODA approved, state-wide programs such as OSU Jr. Swine Day, Beef Expo and BEST program, Ohio Youth Poultry Clinic, etc., are still acceptable methods of completing QA as long as the sessions are presented by an ODA/OSU approved instructor.  It is the responsibility of the youth to bring proof of completion to the Extension Office by June 1, 2020.


Youth entering a market swine project at the 2020 Ohio State Fair will be required to have a parent/guardian PQA certified in order to meet packer requirements.  PQA certification number will be required for online entry (deadline of June 20th).

  • Certification numbers will be verified, falsified numbers will result in penalty.
  • Once notified of invalid number, exhibitors will have 5 days to provide the correct PQA certification number.
  • If the correct PQA certification number is not provided within 5 days, exhibitor will be disqualified from exhibition.

There are several options for parents/guardians to be PQA certified:

  • Adults can attend an in-person PQA session
  • Adults can sign-up for the PQA on-line certification.  Requests can be emailed to Elizabeth Share


1. The adult PQA certification is good for 3 years.
2. If a parent/guardian has several youth in the family, the same PQA number will count for all of the youth.

CONTACT US if you have any questions about quality assurance.